Is Rockstar working on a new handheld GTA game?

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I can clearly remember the first time that I ever played a proper GTA game on the PSP console. It was the original PS2 game (minus a concession here or there), playable right there in my hands and on the go. This was the future of gaming, I was certain. We’ve had a couple more of those games ported over in the years since then. And there might be another on the way.

Take-Two has filed a new trademark, under the title of “City Stories” according to GameSpot. As you know, Take-Two happens to be the big daddy in charge of publishing Grand Theft Auto. The listing that was registered covers both “computer and video game programs and software” and “entertainment services, namely, providing online games.”

Stories has also bee the title applied to various GTA handheld games, such as Liberty GTA:City Stories and GTA:Vice City Stories. Alternatively however, this could also be the name of some upcoming GTA V DLC.

Or, there’s an even more mundane alternative, much like every answer to an unsolved mystery in life: Take-Two could just be securing name rights for future projects for their billion dollar frachise and there could be nothing on the way in the immediate future. Frightening thoughts indeed.

Still, we do know that at least one new Rockstar game is coming out next year. And while I doubt that we’ll see a bundled version of GTA IV and all its DLC on the PS Vita announced, it’s nice to know that something is on the way. Maybe. Probably. Hopefully.

Last Updated: May 22, 2014

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