Is SA Getting the GOW Xbox 360 Bundle?

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So in the interests of whining about the Australians getting a better deal that us on the Xbox 360. I have contacted Microsoft South Africa asking why we have not received this deal and will we be getting it anytime soon?

I have also asked them to confirm Zephyr (Yeah like that’s going to happen) but you never know they might slip 🙂

So far I Microsoft has been kind enough to forward the request onto 6 different people and I am still waiting for a solid response from any of them. My issue is that I am about to go out and buy a new console and if this bundle hits the country a week later I am not going to be very happy…. We should be treated equally to the Ozzies… Or better really 438…..

So lets see if anything comes from this, hey I can only try….

Last Updated: March 15, 2007

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