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What the hell is this Sony viral video for?

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Hadouken cabs

TV spots have started appearing for PS4 and Xbox One. We had that fantastic ad by Xbox, and the awesomely nostalgic PS4 ad. Now, it seems that Sony might be going the viral route.

Check out this ad for Hadouken cabs, via VG247

This may look like an old school advertisement, but there are all kinds of weird easter eggs hidden inside. Just check out the linked site, www.hakoukencabs.com that looks like something straight out of the 90s. And you see that license plate? PS 1994. Offering airport pick ups and fight tournaments? Have a listen to the “talk to the operator” option – tons of Street Fighter sound effects and insanity. Then there’s the copyright year at the bottom of the page: copyright was established in 1987, the year Street Fighter came out.

Is this a sign of some kind of PS4 – Street Fighter collaboration, maybe even a Street Fighter compilation? Is this a hint at some future IP, or simply another throwback to what made gaming awesome back in the day? Either way, I’m having far too much with this easter egg machine. Hadouken!

Last Updated: November 8, 2013

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