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Is Sony’s Trophy System a farce?

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One of the great inventions of this generation was the Xbox Live Achievement Points system that gave gamers a reason to try play games differently or to ensure they completed games to get that elusive gamerscore. 

It didn’t take long for Sony to come up with their own system to reward gamers when they revealed the Trophy System where you are rewarded with different trophies for achieving certain aspects of a game. Well now it has been revealed that the Trophy System is amazingly easy to rig and Sony hasn’t been putting in much effort to stop the cheats from racking up the trophies.

This has once again come to light because Sony was running an auction to win some exclusive gamer gear but instead of asking people for money they were asking gamers to flaunt their golden trophies in the auction. It’s an awesome experiment to see how much the trophies are actually worth to gamers and a novel way to give out exclusive gear… however this is where it all starts to unravel.

A gamer by the name of redsoxfan95 apparently is such a good gamer that he managed to rack up 7500 golden trophies in a single day to ensure he had enough to win the Killzone auction.

Granted he may just be the best gamer on the planet and could have achieved these legally if it wasn’t for the one trophy for Black Ops 2 that he apparently unlocked in 1995… slightly before the PS3 was even available in what would have been a seriously ground breaking title in 1995.

On one side no one really cares if some guy with an inferiority complex wants to cheat to boost his personal trophy cabinet but when it starts being utilised to steal exclusive gear away from real gamers it starts becoming a problem. Sony should stop these guys and they should do it quickly. Some of the fixes are straightforward; don’t let people have trophies dated before the PS3 was released, for example –  but it will take a bit more than that to bring confidence back to the system.

Last Updated: July 18, 2013

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