Is the Destiny Limited Edition worth your money?

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Despite receiving games that are bigger and better, we still feel cheated by the high prices of games combined with the ever expanding use of DLC or paid expansions. Collector’s and Limited Editions seek to help on this front, and I think they might just be worth your money.

Back when Dragon Age: Origins came out, I was still completely against DLC – just give me the full game and don’t ask for money again. Down the line, some cool DLC came out that actually expanded on the game in a fun and worthwhile way. The same is true of some other excellent franchises, but I still have my same gripe – I don’t want to be hit up for cash down the line. This is why I have sort of come on board for the Season Pass approach, as well as special editions.

Yes, the Destiny Limited Edition is more expensive than the base game. However, once you pay your money, you’ve got the full experience. Instead of being stuck on the moon while the rest of your friends get to explore new planets and grab all kinds of new gear, the Limited Edition also gives access to all the upcoming expansions. This is exactly what I’ve wanted for every game franchise – let me just “buy the game” and get all the things.

The Limited Edition also includes all the sexy stuff that I love for my gaming fetish – a beautiful folio, and postcards from the Golden Age plus an antique star chart? Sign me up – I love all these collectibles. What a way to make me feel like a real guardian, unearthing artifacts.

The reality is that we know Activision has poured a ton of money into this franchise. The base game is going to be really solid – the beta was a ton of fun so presumably the full game will expand upon that. However, we also know that the game will get some important expansions to help people excited and playing the game for many years to come. Look at how Titanfall seemed to wither and die; no one talks about playing it anymore. Bungie and Activision are doing their best to ensure the same fate doesn’t befall Destiny; they have planned out the expansions so that the game stays fresh.

However, I know some people will whine about DLC when the expansions are released, wondering why they should pay for content that should have just been included in the original game. I think I have finally moved on from this mindset. As long as the original game is a complete experience, I’m happy for there to be added expansions as long as there’s an option for me to just pay for everything at the start. I don’t want to be hit up for money once I’m already enjoying a game, but I’m fine with dishing out some more cash in the beginning to be guaranteed that I get it all.

Have I just been brainwashed to accept the new status quo, or do you guys agree? Are we getting more value for our money with these expansions and Limited Editions?

Last Updated: August 29, 2014

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