Is the PlayStation 4 getting delayed?

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Way back in February of this year we reported that the PlayStation 4 wouldn’t release in PAL areas until 2014, something which Sony strenuously denied. But now the rumour is returning.

European site received some tips from friends that their PlayStation 4 orders via Amazon had suddenly received 2014 release dates and upon checking himself noticed that his delivery date was now set to a later date. 

“We’d like to let you know that Amazon has received your order, and is preparing it for shipment. Your estimated delivery date is: Monday, January 6, 2014 – Wednesday, January 8, 2014.”

Now that’s quite the specific shipment window and not something you would think Amazon would just make up.

We all know that Sony has told Gamestop and others that they can order as many PlayStation 4’s as they like but there is a unique difference between allowing unlimited orders and promising unlimited day one deliveries.Has Sony decided the best bet for this generation is to allow everyone to put some cash down on a PlayStation 4 and then handle the negative feedback around the delays as best as possible?

Sony is yet to comment on this but if that is their plan I’d expect a comment along the lines of

“Sony is determined to put as many PlayStation 4’s in homes of gaming fans as possible. We do not expect any delays in delivery but due to the complexity of this business nothing can be guaranteed”

So what do you think, are Sony able to fulfil all the pre-orders this year and what will your response be if you can’t get a PlayStation 4 before Christmas?

Last Updated: July 31, 2013

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