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Is the Xbox One friends system broken?

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shirtThe one thing that differentiated the last generation of consoles was the fact that Microsoft’s operating system and software functionality was leagues ahead of the PlayStation 3. Yes the PS3 stuff all worked but it was clunky and difficult to use. Exactly what you expect from a hardware company though.

However, if a thread on Neogaf is to be believed, then Microsoft could have broken the part of the system that is crucial to the enjoyment of online gaming. The friends and party functionality.

It all revolves around the fact that the Xbox One doesn’t have a guide system anymore. If you want to access software functionalities you need to go back to the main dashboard or snap to a feature. Now unlike in the last gen we don’t need to close our game to head back to the main menu but at the same time is sounds cumbersome.

You can’t simply bring up your friends list while in a game…..unless I’m missing something you either have to go back to the home screen and click on the friends tile or you have to snap the ui and bring the party tab into the second window…both methods are cumbersome and one of the best features of the 360 was how you could simply click the orb button..bring up the friends list and invite to party or join party . Another rather annoying thing is that I have to filter to online only every time I go into my friends list…it should be showing the online guys first and the offline second.

And it sounds like they have somehow broken the notification system as well, where in the 360 world once your friend came online it popped up saying HornyRabbit69 is online. You could then click the Orb and invite them in. However now it works entirely differently

Not sure what they have done here but you can’t set the notifications to show when your friends come online…instead of this they have put some retarded system which prompts other people on your friends list to join into a party if they happen to be playing the same game…this would not be a problem if I was chummy with everyone on my friends list but I play with some friends on some games and some other friends on other games

So now instead of you inviting them the system will automatically invite everyone who is playing what you are playing. Again this is idiotic as I’m often playing a single player game while waiting for someone to come online to play GTA V or something against.

And he doesn’t hold back when talking about the invite system specifically.

Probably the biggest pile of crap in the whole thing…you can’t simply click on a friend and invite to game……try setting up a private lobby in forza5…you will go insane…you cant even join a session in progress….there is no option too unless the game you have has it built into their matchmaking system….you get the invites late,the pop ups to join the party game put you into lobbys of the people who are playing it on your friends list (who you may not want to play with) and sometimes it decides to randomly kick someone which causes the game to crash for one or two people in your party.

All in all this worries me a lot as if it becomes a problem to invite people into games and join people then the enjoyment of online gaming will suffer severely.

This can at least be fixed with a patch, but only if Microsoft admits it is a problem to start with. But for now the Xbox One could maybe be the perfect console for someone with no friends or social skills… Hey Darryn we found your perfect console.

Last Updated: November 25, 2013

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