Is this the Xbox One’s speedy boot-up?

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Right now, if you switch on your Xbox 360, it takes quite some time for he console to do its boot up splash screen, and become useable – and it’s only gotten worse over time as each dashboard iteration has added more and more features (and adverts). That is likely to change with the Xbox One.

This is apparently leaked footage of the Xbox One boot sequence, which is pretty damned fast and zippy. Excuse the diagonal stripe, that’s likely just a watermark. It could also be fake, and made from images of the dash we’ve seen, coupled with some fancy video editing.

I really hope it is this quick – because that’s what console gaming is supposed to be about. For reference, the dev units we’ve see don’t boot up that way – but they are dev units, not running final retail software.

Last Updated: October 17, 2013

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