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Is TitanFall big enough to rescue the Xbox One

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Both the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft have some killer exclusives lined up but the first big salvo will be shot by the Redmond giant when TitanFall is released in less than 2 months time. Can this unknown entity be big enough to get Microsoft back into the sales race against the PlayStation 4?

We know the pedigree of the team at Respawn Studio as they are largely made up from the Infinity Ward team that brought us the highly rated Modern Warfare series. Pretty much everyone who has gone hands on with TitanFall is calling it a possible Game of the Year contender.

But what we need to remember is that those gaming events are all tightly controlled with a TitanFall server in close proximity and utilising perfect machines. Being an online only game that requires dedicated servers could hold the game back quite badly if you live anywhere outside of America or Western Europe or if you are in one of those countries but don’t have a top quality line.

I’ve spoken about the trouble around not having an Azure datacentre anywhere in South America, Asia (Correction: There are two datacentres in Asia; Hong Kong and Singapore), Australia or Africa and how gamers on these continents are not gong to get the benefit of all those powerful servers.

It’s even been raised locally that gamers could take retailers and EA to court utilising the National Consumer Protection Act as the game will simply be useless if you don’t have a very good connection locally. Now I don’t expect that to be a reality as the game boxes will make it quite clear that you need an Internet connection and that results may vary.

But it’s not just the meanderings of a grumpy journalist that has people worried. Ketu Patel, the category leader of gaming on Amazon.co.uk had the following to say.

If you look at our bestsellers chart PS4 always has been, and still is, our number one best seller,

Xbox One will fall somewhere within the top five. Obviously one console has outperformed the other generally and we probably confirm that split between the two.

[Titanfall] will be a big driver. I think Microsoft have got themselves a big coup there in negotiating that with EA. It will help close the gap, but personally speaking I think that gap is quite a big one at the moment. There’s a lot of catching up to do.

The reported gap in sales at the moment is apparently only about 400 000 but that’s quite the lead to have a mere 3 months into the race with the PlayStation 4 still selling out quicker than Sony can make them while the Xbox One is pretty much in stock at all major retailers.

More is resting on TitanFall than I think Respawn or EA would like but if any team is good enough to handle the expectations it’s the guys from Respawn. I for one can’t wait to jump into my Titan and wreak havoc across the world.

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Last Updated: February 4, 2014

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