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Is Viggo Mortensen going to be on a boat with Dracula?

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In an ocean of upcoming Dracula films, The last voyage of the Demeter happens to be one of the more exciting prospects emerging. Taking place in that undocumented period where Dracula sailed from Transylvania to England, killing most of the crew in the process, the film happens to have one thing going for it, namely, originality.

And now, Viggo “Strider” Mortensen might be lending some talent to that production.

With Neil Marshall still set to direct, he’s offered Mortensen a spot in the project, which will have him star alongside the Demeter ship captain, Ben “I’m in all the big movies now” Kingsley.

There’s no word yet on whether Mortensen will accept, or even what role he’ll play, but we’d like to imagine him as the villain for once, slashing throats, napping in some Transylvanian imported earth and transforming into a hell-dog the second that the ship crashes into the London harbour.

If The last voyage of the Demeter sounds like Alien on a ship, then we’re more than happy to accept that.

Last Updated: June 26, 2012

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