It’s all about finding your centre in No Man’s Sky

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You know dude, it’s all about finding your center man. Like a creamy filling in one of the rare good chocolates from a bag of Quality Street. Finding the center is everything man. And in No Man’s Sky, you’ll be cruising to find the galactic core. Which hopefully doesn’t contain a toffee center that stars orbit around.

Ever since No Man’s Sky was announced, it was revealed that the main hook of the game would be exploration. There’s an entire, massive procedurally generated galaxy to test your engines in, worlds to discover and enemies to conquer. The latest issue of Game Informer via Gematsu has revealed more of the direction of the game, detailing how players start off on a random planet on the edge of their galactic cluster and have to hop into a basic ship in order to do some exploration.

From there, players will earn currency by mining, defeating enemies and other actions, with that sweet cash being spent at trading posts on space stations and planets in order to improve their little rinky-dink spacecraft. Such upgrades for your ship and your character include shields, jet packs, armour, power, hyperdrive engines and fuel capacity.

From there, players will tackle the main goal of the game, and head off to the center of their super-cluster galaxy.

A goal, which will take anywhere from 40 to 100 hours apparently. Combat will also be reliant on how well you’ve upgraded your ship, as you might be able to fend off smaller attack ships but find yourself absolutely buggered when going up against bigger bruisers who have shields and lasers with your name on them.

If you find yourself in such a situation, it’ll be possible to lose your spaceship when you eject, losing whatever gear you had. You will however, still retain your personal upgrades and money, but you’ll need to buy a new ship. The other pseudo-threat in the game, comes from robots.

Every planet has them, as these automatons were left over from a bygone age, and maintain balance in the galaxy. They won’t outright attack you if you just hang around and observe, but go on a killing spree or mine some wildlife for resources and they’ll go into Terminator mode. And the toughest such bots will be found in the center of the galaxy.

No Man’s Sky is expected to leave the ship docks on PC and PlayStation 4 in 2015.

Last Updated: December 4, 2014

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