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“It’s not for everybody” says Microsoft on the Xbox One X console

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Xbox One X

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Children are the future and dammit man we have to stop them now. I’ve also said that the Xbox One X is a console for show-offs. A machine designed to get the best visuals possible out of any game willing to put some time and effort into an enhancement packs. That also means that the Xbox One X isn’t a console for everyone.

Why invest in a 4K gaming machine when your telly barely scrapes past 1080 peas? That’s a thought that Microsoft agrees with, as the Xbox One X won’t be the only console in their arsenal, but a decision for prospective consumers to hem and haw over. Kind of similar to the Xbox Box One Elite controller when you think about it. “Whether you’re on a 1080p TV or a 4K TV, you’re going to have a great experience,” XBoss Phil Spencer said to GameSpot at the Brazil Game Show.

But it’s not for everybody. It’s like when we built the Xbox One Elite controller, we didn’t try to say to everybody, ‘If you need an extra controller, go buy the Elite controller.’ We sold a ton of those controllers. We know in the gaming segment, there are a lot of people who play games casually and there’s also people where gaming is their number one hobby.

Their number one form of entertainment, and we want to give them the very best experience. I’ve played games in true 4K with HDR, and they look fantastic. But it doesn’t mean everybody has to do that. So we’re giving gamers a choice. Whether we’ve pushed the innovation too far? It’s hard to do that with gamers. I guess we’ll see; I feel very confident in the product we have coming to market.

Which is entirely fair. Want an affordable console to get started in the hobby? Get an Xbox One S. Want a device that will sear your retinas apart with 4K graphics? Get an Xbox One X. Choice is good. Especially if you choose to buy something like else, like the X-Bont One, which may or may not be me in a green spandex suit and a disc in my mouth.

Last Updated: October 12, 2017

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