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It’s official! Half-Life: Alyx is Valve’s next game

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Half-Life 3 may be a pipe dream that’ll never be realised in this lifetime, but that doesn’t mean that Valve’s intellectual property isn’t going to resurface in one form or another in the years to come. One such project was rumoured to be on the horizon yesterday, a virtual reality title by the name of Half-Life: Alyx. Is it real? Yes friends, yes it is because Valve just confirmed it:

A full reveal will come on Thursday, at around 8PM on our side of the globe. If the rest of the leaks pan out properly, Half-Life: Alyx will be Valve’s flagship title for their Index VR kit, and will star beloved Half-Life 2 companion Alyx Vance doing virtual reality…stuff. Stay tuned for more concrete details on Thursday I guess!

Last Updated: November 19, 2019

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