It’s the End of the Line (update) for Team Fortress 2!

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End of the line

Valve really do put out quality games and look after them. Take Team Fortress 2 for example, the class-based, multiplayer shooter. It has been around since 2007, yet it still has a solid fan base and receives regular content which keeps it going. The latest update is almost entirely community focussed – bringing with it not only community made items, but also a 14 minute animated short!

The update is called ‘End of the Line’. You can read all about it here. There are some shiny new items to play with, including a paddle pool for the Pyro, and The Crossing Guard, a railroad crossing sign weapon that is still somehow magically lit!

The real highlight of the update though is the short movie, made using the Source Filmmaker. If you’re a fan (and even if you aren’t), it is well worth a watch! (via Kotaku):

Do you like trains? Do you like red and blue teams that hate each other? Do you like the smell of burnt rubber ducks on a fine winter day? Well you’ve come to the right place! A year in the making, the End of the Line Team is proud to finally present our short film END of the LINE, an action packed cinematic romp full of comedy action, romance action*, drama action, and actioney-type action.

(Vidme Link)

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How freaking cool was that? I love the Team Fortress 2 characters, and they were used perfectly. Hats off (or on… we are talking TF2 here) to those who put it together, you did good!

Do you still play Team Fortress 2? Sadly, I haven’t touched it for years. The End of the Line short film really brought back fond memories though.

Last Updated: December 9, 2014

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