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Its Tournament time!

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Games, they’re more than great visuals and addictive feats of patience, they’re a social tool, despite what the naysayers and concerned mothers have to say. So, if you’re tired of fragging predictable computer AI and fancy a real challenge, why not have a look at some upcoming tournaments that Maingaming.co.za is sponsoring.

Its all happening at the Greenstone Shopping Mall in Joburg, so if you’re wanting some good old fashioned fun, and the chance to snap up some rewards, then maybe some of these competitions will interest you.

Gran Turismo Tournament ( 27 June – 9 July )

All right petrolheads, now is the time for you to shine. For 12 days, you’ll be able to race on the Suzuka track, with the 8 fastest competitors moving onto the grand final on the 9th of July. You’ll have a choice of using either your own PS3 controller or the specialised rig that has been set up for the contest. The tournament is limited to 256 players however, so get there early to avoid dissapointment.

Need for Speed Shift 2 Tournament ( 27 June – 9 July )

Hyper-realistic racing not your thing, need something more casual? Then check out the Need for Speed contest. There’ll be a time trial competition of 99 seconds, with players using the Ford Focus car, and cutting corners are not allowed.

Once again, you can use either your own PS3 controller or the MainGaming driving rig.

FIFA 2011 Tournament ( 25 – 26 June )

There’s going to be some footie action happening as well, with a challenging setup enabled for those of you who think they’ve got golden digital feet skills. Once again, only the first 256 players will be allowed, so enter early.

Tekken Tournament ( 2 July )

From feet to fists now, as we get ready for our own mini King of the Iron Fist Tournament. The matches will determined in a round robin format, with the top competitors in each group battling for the top spot in a best of five format.

Street Fighter Tournament ( 10 July )

If hadokens are more to your style, then you’ll get a chance to fireball with the best of them. Its only for one day, and is again limited to the first 256 entrants.

Blackberry Brickbreaker Tournament ( 25 June, 2 and 9 July )

If you fancy a smaller screen and a simpler game, then get your cellphones ready. You’ll need your own blackberry phone, and the last person left standing after an hour with the highest score will be the winner.

Call of Duty Tournament ( 9 July )

Think you’ve got what it takes to kill your way to the top? Then the COD championship is what you’ve been waiting for. Its going to be a Free for All match on the Terminal map, so start practicing, as you’ll be up against 255 other players who have their eyes on the top spot.

There’s going to be tons of prizes available at the various tournaments, so get on down to the Greenstone Shopping Mall if you’re keen on having a good time.

For more info, visit Maingaming.co.za .

Last Updated: June 30, 2011

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