Ivents plans to take local eSports by storm

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I keep hearing about local organizations that plan on taking the world of eSports by storm, but it’s particularly funny when I read it in print in a press release. The latest group is promising cool prizes and even has an impressive international sponsor. Will they finally carry through on the promises of a storm?

Scuf is a company that I learned about when I went to LA for COD championships. They offer high end gaming stuff – custom Xbox controllers as well as eyewear similar to what we’ve seen from the Gunnar people. They even have stuff to keep your palms from sweating while you game – I wonder if it works during other sweaty palm situations. Evopoints is now the proud local official stockist of the Scuf product range for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

EvoPoints and Scuf are jumping into the local eSports scene with Ivents, the people who brought us that Afrihost tournament. In the first among many tournaments planned, gamers can register for the Call of Duty: Ghosts tournament to win all kinds of cool prizes. Here, check out the promo video for the #eVoCODBeta tournament:

Registrations open today and close on 3 June, so you’d better get registered quickly. Head on over to the Ivents website to do so, as well as check out the rule sets. The format of the tournament will be double elimination and the final 20 matches will be streamed live via twitch. Spectators watching via twitch can even earn prizes, as can those who tweet using the hashtag during the tournament. Of course, it’s not just spectators and tweeters who can win prizes, the players are also after the cool stuff. So what can they win?

First Place

  • 4x Scuf Controller’s for Xbox 360
  • R1000 Sponsorship per month for 3 months for the first place team
  • 4x Evopoints T-shirts branded with your Gamertag and #eVoCODBeta
  • 4x Special Edition Evopoints Dog Tags #eVoCODBeta

Second Place

  • 4x R170 Xbox Gift Cards
  • R700 Sponsorship per month for 3 months for the second place team
  • 4x Evopoints T-shirts branded with your Gamertag and #eVoCODBeta
  • 4x Special Edition Evopoints Dog Tags #eVoCODBeta

Third Place

  • 4x R100 Xbox Gift Cards
  • R400 Sponsorship per month for 3 months for the third place team
  • 4x Evopoints T-shirts branded with Gamertag and #eVoCODBeta
  • 4x Special Edition Evopoints Dog Tags #eVoCODBeta

Those are some impressive prizes. Ivents, EvoPoints and Scuf must be seriously committed to that whole taking the eSports world by storm thing. In fact, Ivents CEO, George Barkie said in the press release:

This is truly an exciting time for the team at Ivents as well as for our valued sponsor, Evopoints. This will be the first of many tournaments, which will ultimately build up a league of talented players. In addition to this tournament, we will be announcing some exciting news regarding upcoming tournaments, which will cater for a variety of players on their platform choice… including: PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. South Africa is home to a multitude of talented gamers, which is why we strive to bring them tournaments that will not only offer them the opportunity to showcase their skills, but also be rewarded at the same time for their ability and dedication.

The more the merrier when it comes to eSports. Here’s hoping that the new tournaments give local eSports athletes more opportunities to compete and grow their skills.

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Last Updated: May 28, 2014

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