Jailed Megaupload boss is no longer the greatest MW3 player in the world

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In case you haven’t heard, Megaupload is mega-dead. The Feds came down on the file-sharing service with the wrath of Kratos last week, seizing its assets and jailing key staff members.

One of those members, was none other than piracy czar Kim Dotcom himself, the founder and owner of the site that openly flaunted anti-piracy rules and softly encouraged users to share all the files that they could.

He’s been indicted on multiple charges, and now it looks like the jailed founder is about to lose his most cherished possession of all. His world number one Modern Warfare 3 ranking.

With Dotcom (Formerly Kim Schultz) having been denied bail and awaiting extradition from New Zealand, his beloved number one ranking has fallen into the hands of Arazos, a player with over 181 000 kills and a kill/death ratio of 2.87, who doesn’t happen to be digital crime kingpin.

You can just imagine how much this is eating Dotcom up on the inside, as he loved the game so much that he actually recorded the moment when he achieved his number one ranking.

Maybe Dotcom can pretend that he’s in the gulag mission from MW2 when he’s eventually jailed.

Last Updated: January 26, 2012

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