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Jeff Kaplan roasts Overwatch’s most toxic player

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Being a nuisance in online gaming comes naturally to some people. There’s a sense of anonymity which allows you to say what you want, when you want, with very little repercussions. Most games, like Overwatch, have a pretty sturdy report button and players have been punished rightfully and wrongfully in the past. The report button can be abused, but ever so often some sweet justice is delivered to some of the toxic players and that’s exactly what happened yesterday when Jeff Kaplan jumped in to roast one of the most toxic players in the world.

That’s not an understatement, this player is, by a longshot, the most toxic player in the world of Overwatch. Baffled by his ban, one player took to the Overwatch forums to dispute his punishment. The player, named Ceaya, couldn’t understand how his account had been punished.

“disruptive gameplay”. In quickplay. What.

So much for the reports being verified. Jesus you aren’t even safe in quickplay lol. The system is clearly automated and abusable.

How do you even be disruptive in quickplay?”


Some valid questions, and as I mentioned above the report system can be abused to punish people you don’t like in games. Luckily, Jeff was around to set the record straight.

“We checked the IP address of the account you posted from and found a suspended account.

That account has a total of 2247 complaints filed against it — making it one of the worst offending accounts we’ve seen. The account has also been silenced for a total of 9216 hours. There are 3 gameplay suspensions on the account as well as 7 silences against this account (these are for abusive chat and/or spam). There is also a manual GM account suspension for “massive griefing” levied.

So I’m not sure if that’s the account you’re referring to or not, but someone from your IP has been a less-than-ideal OW citizen.

If that’s not your account, please let us know what the BattleTag is and I’m happy to look into it further. The last thing we want is good, upstanding members of the community being punished unfairly.”

Many strive to be the best player in the world, or the most skillful – but the most toxic player in the world isn’t a title I’d want hanging over my head. Another user on the forum did some math and further explained how nobody could accidentally be this toxic without really, really (and I mean really) trying.

“The math on this is legitimately incredible.

As of today, OW has been out for 461 days. OP has received 2247 complaints in that time. That’s an average of 4.87 complaints by other players, per day, every day, for over a year. He’s also been silenced for 9216 hours – which is 384 days or 57,600 games (avg game length is supposedly 16 mins).

Remember, OP said his “main” account was banned and his profile shows his current account plays in the US, EUR and KR. That’s some global toxicity. His life has to be really sad for him to grief other people this much for this long.

It’s a wonder his IP hasn’t been banned permanently.”

After Jeff stepped in to read the law our unfortunate friend did not return to the thread. His fate had been sealed and his Overwatch days were over. Yes, the report system can be abused, but every now and then it works perfectly.

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Last Updated: August 29, 2017


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