Jewel Quest Hits The iPhone

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The tile-,matching, PC puzzler entitled Jewel Quest has officially been released for Apple handsets and Java devices. The title is one of the latest (apparently but I thought it was much older) member of an old but very popular PC genre at currently boasts well over 7 million downloads.

The iPhone iteration is in actual fact a sequel to Jewel Quest 2 and includes a plethora of new and innovative features. Some of the cool new updates incorporate a multi-player mode in which players can go up against eachother either on a single device or make use of the awesome new Wi-Fi multiplayer modes and even share their scores online through a Facebook utility. The I-Play version also claims to have some insane graphics, 3D animations and yes wait for it… wait for it… touch-screen controls.

So yeah although its a casual gamer’s title so maybe not quite fit for the die-harders that follow Lazygamer. But hey if you have an iPhone or iPod touch and left your PSP at home, its a pretty awesome consolation title to keep you busy while waiting for your routine colonoscopy.

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Last Updated: June 23, 2009

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