The Jhin League of Legends Champion Spotlight is filled with puns

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Riot have always impressed me with their amazing character design. Just take one look at the entire roster for League of Legends and you’ll understand why.

Yes, there are some default, unimaginative champions (Ashe for example, is a plain old frost archer), but they form a very small minority. Otherwise, the line-up has been filled with interesting characters, such as an emo mummy, a little girl with a giant teddy bear, and most recently, a creepy Virtuoso called Jhin.

Our initial goal was pretty clear: we wanted to deliver on a sniping fantasy that was notably different from Caitlyn’s long range gunning. If anything, her fast rate of fire and unlimited ammo aligns her closer to a semiautomatic rifle-wielding gunner, whereas we wanted to really explore what it felt like to use an old fashioned, bolt-action sniper rifle.

We aimed for a champion who had slow and impactful shots, who could express skill through their long-range snipes, and who’d apply pressure with their shots even if they missed. One way or another, every shot would count.

That is how Riot went about conceptualising Jhin – the newest Champion for League of Legends. He was announced a few short weeks ago, and now, finally, he will be entering Summoner’s Rift officially. Here’s his Champion Spotlight, which goes over all of his abilities (which you can read about in more detail right here), and explains how they should be used.


Oh man, the puns in that video are too damn high! I’m going to need a Jhin and tonic after that… HA! Puns aside, that champion spotlight really does help one understand Jhin and how he’s meant to be played. He looks like a really interesting champion, and I think he will fit into Summoner’s Rift just fine.

What about you? Do you like Jhin? Will you be throwing down cash/IP to purchase him immediately?

Last Updated: February 1, 2016

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