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Jilted Mass Effect 3 fan reports the game to the government

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You, off my planet

Okay we’ve officially hit that mark where a gamer has just gone too far, we get it. A lot of people are upset with how Mass Effect 3 ended and you’ve created petitions and charity drives and online mobs to try and get it resolved.

However El_Spiko from the Bioware forums has just lost the plot, he’s decided the only way to get this resolved is to file official complaints with the Federal Trade Commission and Better Business Bureau.

Yes apparently Mass Effect 3’s bad ending is tantamount to false advertising and he has stated that unless Bioware and EA fix the ending before the end of the 30 days return policy then he’s returning the game for a full refund.

After reading through the list of promises about the ending of the game they made in their advertising campaign and PR interviews, it was clear that the product we got did not live up to any of those claims," El_Spiko says. "This is not somethign [sic] I was happy to do, but after the terrible ending that was in no way the product that had been advertised to me and the lack of any kind of response from Bioware/EA to address this, I felt it was one of my only recourses

Could someone please stop the world now I’d like to get off.

Last Updated: March 19, 2012

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