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Justin Bieber will be in NBA 2K13 – No one knows why

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Right now, Geoff is swooning at this picture.

Now this is the story all about how, my gaming life got turned upside down, I’d like to take a minute so sit right there, and lemme tell you all about the time that Justin Bieber tried to catch some air. In western Xbox Live, born and raised, on the gaming playgrounds where I spent most of my days, levelling up, grinding and being all cool, shooting some b-ball inside of some NBA 2K13 school, when a couple of guys thought it would be a great idea to include a guy who sings like a castrated cat…

Nope, my dope rhymes do not lie, because Justin Bieber will indeed be a playable character in NBA 2K13. And just so that he can hold his own against the players who can easily double as motion capture actors fro the monsters from Shadow of the Colossus, Bieber has been fed some select drugs from the Stallone catalogue so that he can beef up.

Here’s a video, courtesy of Youtuber DallasCowboys94Ware to show just how awesome it it to catch some Bieber fever on the court. Expect NBA 2K13 to be bought by legions of young shrill harpies when it releases.

Hey EA, here’s an idea: Put Bieber in the next Fight Night game. You’ll sell MILLIONS!

Last Updated: October 4, 2012

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