Kalahari game awards, or why you shouldn’t trust shops to give out awards

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So it’s the end of year which means every media site and their dog are giving out their annual awards. We’re no different with our awards starting tomorrow and keeping you entertained during the quiet period that is the silly season. However it seems that retailers are now getting involved and while I’d normally ignore it I just felt this year’s list from Kalahari has some perfect examples of why you should never ever trust awards from anyone who is involved in profiting from the sales of games.

*Quick note, I made a magic piece of code that automatically changes all kalahari links to affiliate links to help bring in some cash, this is not a post for affiliate reasons.

Okay so onto the awards, now some of them I either agree with or can see as valid wins.

Best FPS Game

Advanced Warfare is a very solid title and I haven’t played Far Cry 4 yet but from what I hear Far Cry is better, so no real problem here

Best Action Game

Now this is a bit more controversial since GTA V was released last year and it’s just the new console versions that were recently released, but then again the game is incredible. Unity on the other hand is pretty poor and doesn’t really deserve the runner up spot.

But then things go pear-shaped.

Best Racing Game

Drive Club? The game that had nearly unplayable multiplayer when it was released? Granted it’s better now but according to our internal review it only scored 7.5. However it probably won because we are a PlayStation country and letting it win over and above the solid Forza Horizon 2 is probably a business decision

But that runner up spot, The Crew? The game we just scored 4.6  and has been widely panned around the world for simply not being very good is their runner up?


Best Sports Game

Unfortunately Apex never sent us a copy of Rugby 15 to review, which normally means the game is total horse manure and also seems to be the consensus from the proper reviews I’ve seen. But could you imagine a South African retailer giving the best sports award to a basketball or American Football game?

The entire idea of a retailer giving awards out is about as stupid as media giving awards to distributors or distributors giving awards to media. There are lines that shouldn’t be crossed.


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Last Updated: December 18, 2014

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