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Ken Levine : There’s still plenty of juice in current consoles

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Echoing his previous statements about the lack of need of next-gen machines, System Shock and BioShock mastermind Ken Levine has affirmed his belief that there’s still plenty of juice to be squeezed from today’s home consoles.

"There’s a lot of juice in there to find, you just have to find it. I’d hate to be the guy making my first game for the Xbox 360 or PS3 right now, because the experience of working on it for years really helps us." he said to VideoGamer.

Pressed about whether we need a next-gen now the legendary designer replied “No…I think about the PS2. It started with Fantavision and The Bouncer, and it ended with San Andreas and God of War,” he said. “That’s the same piece of kit [running] those games. If you told that to anyone on the planet who didn’t know better, that it was running on the same piece of kit, they’d tell you that you were an absolute fucking liar!”

As to his thoughts on when next gen would arrive? “I wish I could say I was enough of a visionary to think about that. I need to make this game, and I need to make it awesome,” he said. “These are the consoles I’m making it on, so I’m just going to make it the best game on these consoles that I can make it.”

I’m inclined to agree; we’ve seen with games like L.A Noire and the as yet unreleased Gears of War and Uncharted sequels that today’s consoles are still quite capable – though PC’s admittedly currently enjoy a generational leap in graphics. Me? I’ve always favoured good art direction over raw graphical prowess. I will concede though, that the prospect of an imminent next-gen excites the technophile in me. It would be fantastic to see how far games – as an entertainment medium and even art form – can be pushed.

Source : VideoGamer

Last Updated: May 24, 2011

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