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Kenny Omega talks AEW video game–“the best wrestling product as a video game that you could probably find on the market”

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To say that the WWE games dominate the wrestling genre right now would be an understatement on par with mentioning that Vince McMahon dislikes sneezing. The biggest name on the block party, WWE has a near-monopoly on that particular flavour of gaming and few challengers to its throne. Sure, the likes of Chikara and Fire Pro Wrestling are out there, but they’re more niche products than main event players.

There’s some hope that the landscape will change soon, now that All Elite Wrestling has established itself as a heavyweight challenger to the WWE throne. The new promotion kicked off in January 2019, and since then its rock star collection of performers have put together some of the most consistently entertaining shows in the industry.

Merchandising is naturally a large part of the AEW appeal, and whether it be action figures of the Young Bucks or T-shirts with le champion Chris Jericho’s latest meme-worthy content emblazoned on it, fans are gobbling it up. A video game is also in the works, one that is being fine-tuned by one a gaming fanatic who just so happens to also be one of the promotion’s executive vice presidents, Kenny Omega. “The status of the video game is that it is currently in development,” Omega said to GameSpot.

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I can’t say too much more other than I am working very closely creatively with a team. And every few weeks, they have very exciting new things to show us. And I believe that we’re on the right track because I think we have a good team backing us with a lot of very, very good hands that are very capable. And when I can more, I certainly will. And I’m really excited to show the first little bit of footage that we have.

AEW’s first video game is still a long way away though, but Omega believes that once it’s done, it’ll be an absolute slobber-knocker that’ll change the current sports entertainment status quo. “So it’s a little ways away. We’re not going to be competing head to head against WWE Battlegrounds anytime soon,” Omega said.

But when the game is ready, and when it will release, I think it has a very good chance of standing alone is probably the best wrestling product as a video game that you could probably find on the market. That’s the hope anyway.

That leaves WWE 2K Battlegrounds as the only real high profile wrasslin’ game out this year. While it looks like a WWE knock-off of Celebrity Deathmatch, the end result is unfortunately a botched finish that’s meant to plug the hole left by the lack of a proper 2K Games WWE experience this year. A new core WWE 2K game will be out next year, but it’s going to need to put in one hell of an effort after WWE 2K20 subjected fans to a Hell in a Cell match in 2019.

Last Updated: September 29, 2020

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