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Kevin Butler advertises the Nintendo Wii

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Traitor or just an actor?

I’ve been an outspoken critic of the majority of Sony’s marketing campaigns over the last few years. Most of them haven’t been worth the time it took to watch them in my humble opinion. Granted they’ve had a few decent ones and they also had the best one of the last 10 years with their Kevin Butler VP of Everything campaign.

This was a marketing campaign that got such a great reception that when Kevin Butler walked onto the stage at E3 2010 I honestly thought he was going to get a standing ovation such was the reaction from the crowd. Whenever have you seen an advertising campaign that popular and I still to this day believe that the PS3’s flagging fortunes were partly saved by this campaign.

So imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning to see Kevin Butler advertising the Nintendo Wii… well to be fair it isn’t Kevin Butler the VP of Everything but rather the actor behind it Jerry Lambert who was found to be surplus to requirements at Sony and has now moved onto Bridgestone tyres.

Looking back in hindsight I think the Kevin Butler strategy was destroyed that same year when MarcusPSP was announced which was a blatant copy of the KB campaign just smaller.

I said back then that I was going to have to eat my words as the campaign was actually decent, however it obviously failed in the end and took Kevin with it.

Oddly enough a lot of the Marcus PSP trailers have now disappeared from the Internet but you can still see the announcement trailer here

Last Updated: September 5, 2012

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