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Kickin’ – Tsumi unveils new Street Fighter collectibles

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Chun Li (8)

Look at your shelf. It’s empty. It needs some love, in the way that only material goods can satisfy. Time to fill that shelf space with plenty of figures. And we’ve got two fine lookin’ Street Fighter figures right here to show you.

Capitalising on my muscular hockey girl leg fetish, here’s Chun Li from Tsume. The studio has got their hands on the Street Fighter 4 license, and have knocked out the following statue of the first lady of fighting games and her rival Vega. Pictures!

Chun Li (1)Chun Li (2)Chun Li (3)Chun Li (4)Chun Li (5)Chun Li (6)Chun Li (7)Chun Li (8)Chun Li (9)Chun Li (10)Chun Li (11)Chun Li (12)Chun Li (13)

vega (1)vega (2)vega (3)vega (4)vega (5)vega (6)vega (7)vega (8)vega (9)vega (10)vega (11)vega (12)

Chun li measures in at 28CM in height, and will set you back €119,90, or around R1774. Vega costs the same, but he’s got a height advantage over Chun Li and measures in at 35CM in height.and is also sculpted in sturdy PVC.

I quite dig ‘em, especially the Chun li figure and those shapely legs but then again I may have spent way too many years in leg locks growing up.

Preorders are up, and my Birthday will be around the corner soon. HINT HINT!

Last Updated: January 17, 2014


  1. Would definitely have Chun Li if I had a shelf xD


  2. GalacticLordCaptainAwesomeness

    January 20, 2014 at 07:01

    So much comments, such interest , wow


  3. Anthony Smith

    July 10, 2015 at 06:08

    I wished that Capcom could change Chun Li’s default ‘dull’ blue cheongsam costume to a more ‘lively’ skimpy costume just like the image below. If they could ‘think-out-of-the-box’ about this idea, Chun Li’s toys will obviously sell like hot cake. ?


    • Trey Joylen

      July 10, 2015 at 17:51

      Similar to the chun li like this?


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