Kid Imitates Master Chief – Shoots himself in the head?

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Out foul stupidity The juicy part of this story is obviously being withheld to protect this darwin awards candidate’s family.

According to news reports an 11 year old Johnson Creek (town in the USA)  boy has shot himself in the head whilst imitating moves from his favourite game, Halo.

Apparently he didn’t know a round could be left in the chamber after removing the magazine…


Whatis even more astonishing is that the kids father was home at the time, however the death is not being viewed as suspicious. Though if you ask me any father who is letting his 11 year old kid skip school and run around with a loaded weapon needs to be charged with something.

But again, how did this kid shoot himself in the head? I don’t remember any Halo move that comes close to that?

As an ex-colleague of mine once said, Stupidity will never go unpunished.

Source: GameGrep

Last Updated: September 9, 2008

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