Killzone 2’s best bits according to IGN

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 Killzone 2

We are all waiting for the Killzone 2 reviews and until then we have to deal with the big guys teasing us with tid bits about the game.

The latest to spill some beans is IGN with their posting of the top 5 things about Killzone 2. I have to say it has me intrigued as they brought up three of my biggest worries and as such make me feel that this game is really going to be awesome.

The top 5 things according to IGN are

1. Graphics
2. Gameplay
3. Weapons
4. Enemy AI
5. Multiplayer

Now honestly, doesn’t that look just like the perfect recipe for a quality First Person Shooter?

What’s even better is that reading the detailed reasoning is even better so if you are excited about Killzone 2 click through at the bottom and fill up on the latest info.

Source: IGN

Last Updated: January 15, 2009

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