Killzone on the Vita looks great

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Killzone is generally one of those “love it or hate it” franchises. I’m one of the ones that lean towards finding it dull – but I’m so starved for good games on my very dusty PlayStation Vita that I’m willing to change that opinion. it helps that Killzone Mercenary for the handheld looks really, really, really good.

Here’s over 8 minutes of gameplay from a preview build of the game via psnstore – and as far as handheld shooters go, it looks great. Unlike that awful, awful Call of Duty: Black Ops declassified that would have sold the system if it wasn’t complete garbage.

Honestly, the Vita is a pretty awesome bit of kit – I Just wish that more people would make great games for it. Its stuck in the same predicament the Wii U is; not enough sales to get third parties interested in developing for it, and not enough games to get people interested in buying it. It’s in a slightly worse one though – because it just sin;t getting the sort of first party love that Nintendo’s platform is.

Maybe, maybe Killzone Mercenary will change all of that.

Last Updated: July 25, 2013

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