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Killzone Shadow Fall – Multiplayer, screens and trailer details

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Killzone (7)

I’ve always been genuinely impressed with Killzone games. They’ve raised the bar on FPS shooter visuals, yet they’ve never managed to really receive the fame that they actually deserve. Weak story and sometimes poor controls aside, they’re pretty fun games with a solid foundation. And that foundation is looking even stronger in Shadow Fall.

Killzone (1)Killzone (2)Killzone (3)Killzone (4)Killzone (5)Killzone (6)Killzone (7)Killzone (8)Killzone (9)Killzone (10)Killzone (11)Killzone (12)Killzone (13)Killzone (14)Killzone (15)Killzone (16)Killzone (17)Killzone (18)Killzone (19)Killzone (20)Killzone (21)Killzone (22)Killzone (23)Killzone (24)Killzone (28)Killzone (25)Killzone (26)Killzone (27)Killzone (29)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKillzone (31)

Thanks to AGB for the screens above. Damn, the game does pretty indeed. Multiplayer will of course be a feature in the game, and will have customisable options for tailoring matches to your specific class, abilities and weapons needs. Multiplayer has three unique classes in fact, with 22 weapons that are unlocked from the start of the game.

So none of that grinding nonsense to unlock better gear. A progression system will be in place though, as well as 1500 various challenges to take on in multiplayer. The best news though? DLC map packs will be released for the game after launch. And they’ll all be free. Gratis, Zero deposit required. Looks like a solid launch game so far.

Last Updated: August 21, 2013

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