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Kinect 2 can see individual pictures

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We posted a link to this in our ION on Friday but I thought we needed to give this a little more coverage so here we go. According to a new image sent out by serial leaker, superdae, the Kinect 2 is far more advanced than the current version and can quite easily spot individual fingers and even what clothing you are wearing

This Kinect could possibly start fulfilling those early promises of true 1 to 1 motion capture and could actually now be useful in hardcore titles where we can use our hands to signal to our squad members what we’d like them to do.


Unfortunately it looks like it still can’t tell the difference between people and the floor which means more rolling on the ground looking like an idiot at E3 for some.

Oh and apparently superdae has decided he wants to sell his Durango again, right now it’s available on eBay for a mere $405, expect that to be removed very quickly or the price to escalate rapidly.

I’m just surprised that Microsoft hasn’t tracked this guy down yet and taken their toy back.

Last Updated: August 13, 2012

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