Kinect can’t read sign language – did Microsoft dumb it down to far?

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According to recent Internet rumours, sparked on by some Microsoft patents, the upcoming Kinect could possibly read sign language and herald in a new form of cross communication between deaf and hearing enabled people. You know something like writing but just with that added technical touch.

Unfortunately this dream has now been squashed, for now, as the Kinect we are going to be picking up in stores has been dumbed down far enough to make it utterly useless for sign language.

While the technology could originally pick up every finger and track them independently Microsoft decided that this wasn’t required and to cut costs they now only track every major body part.

Not only has this killed the many uses we could have come up with for our fingers in gaming but also that long anticipated virtual sex game is pretty much down and out, could you imagine the uproar if it didn’t pick you up?

Anyway back to reality, Kinect doesn’t pick up individual fingers but we knew this already and while it is disappointing that they dumbed it down I don’t see this as anymore reason to feel Kinect is going to fail.

I am interested to see how Kinect enables hard core gaming but in reality I expect Kinect to be a major success in the casual gaming market and that really is who Microsoft is targeting with it and I really don’t think they will care that the resolution has been halved to 320×240.

On the positive side we know the technology can be vastly improved at least.

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: August 12, 2010

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