Kinect cost comparison around the world

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As we know Microsoft has now confirmed the long expected price for the Kinect peripheral to be $149.95 in the US but more importantly they have also confirmed the region specific pricing for all the main regions around the world.

So who is getting the best deal and who’s local Microsoft office has the wonky calculators?

Kinect Kinect Titles
USA R1 140* ($149) R380 ($50)
South Africa R1 999 R399
UK R1 511 (£130) R465 (£40)
Europe R1 473 (€150) R491 (€50)
Australia R1 317 (AUD$199) No Price Announced

So for some obscure reason we have by far the highest costing standalone peripheral and the cheapest games. But at that price discrepancy we aren’t going to be seeing a savings until we pick up at least 3 extra Kinect games compared to our UK and European cousins, the Americans as always have the best price. Because they have the most money and that’s just the way the world works.

*The USA price is excluding tax

**All currency conversions were done using Googles built in currency converter and were accurate as of the 21st of July 2010.

Last Updated: July 21, 2010

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