Kinect could play your theme song

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I have such mixed feelings about the Kinect. I honestly do think it’s the closest thing to “future tech” that we have right now – voice and gesture commands are pretty cool. However, the big brother concern is always prevalent. If I had a theme song, that might just make it all better.

Speaking to Slash Gear, Michael Mott, the general manager of Xbox application and developer relations, talked about ways to make the Kinect a must-have. We know the Kinect is an integral part of the Xbox One, but now the Kinect v2 sensor bar will also be coming to Windows desktops and notebooks. Could this lead to a “Smart Home”?

The other [possibility] is just being aware of what’s going on. If there’s two of you on the couch, what does it play? Does it bring up on screen something that’s relevant to the both of you? And most of that, as different screens can light up because they’re aware, you’d see different experiences. Another one is, I have Sonos at home… if I walk in the room, it would be cool to have my theme music come on, a little AC/DC to get going in the morning, perhaps!

Can you imagine? The Kinect can pick up heat signatures, heart rate and eye dilation. So, invite someone over, snuggle up on the couch and the Kinect will know when to play your special “mood music”. There are so many opportunities to make this awesome. I’d love various theme music depending on time of day, heart rate, and if I’m already smiling or not.

I’m still wondering what in-game effects we can expect soon. Will the Xbox pause when horror games are on the verge of giving me a heart attack? How about automatically Googling (or “Bing-ing”) walkthroughs when I die a few times in the same place? Then again, the Kinect is barely able to consistently respond to voice commands like “Xbox On” or “Xbox go to TV” – I’m not so convinced it’s as future tech as Microsoft wants me to believe. Or maybe it’s just that my accent is strange.

Last Updated: April 7, 2014

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