Kinect is 1:1, says Microsoft

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According to Kudo “Bam, there it is!” Tsunoda, Kinect is capable of true 1:1 tracking – and that the system’s response time is now “as fast as pushing a button.”

How did Microsoft’s Kinect team reach that conclusion? Why, Science, of course!

In a rather extensive interview with Xbox360Achievements, Tsunoda said  "We’ve done tests back at the office where we have a TV, flash a light on the screen and we’ll have a controller, and have someone there hitting a button, and someone with Kinect clapping as soon as they see the light on the screen, and both things go just as fast as one another. Whether you’re using a controller or making a gesture, it doesn’t make a difference. It’s all human response time and so it’s not something we’re trying to fix with software updates or anything.”

That has to be conclusive! It does, however, echo the sentiments of Harmonix, developers of Dance Central – one of two Kinect Launch titles, along with Kinectimals, that has my interest piqued. Earlier this month, the rhythm game gurus said “"Dance Central actually is 1:1. You’re dancing, in realtime, with the character, following his or her movements as if you’re in a mirror.”

We’ll have to wait until the thing launches to see if those claims are true – but based off of demonstrations we’ve seen Kinect is actually capable of predicting your future movements. Incredible!

Source : xbox360achievements

Last Updated: September 1, 2010

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