Kinect TV spots begin… frustratingly boring

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I’m a fan of the idea of Kinect and I enjoyed my time with it at E3 earlier this year, however these first 3 adverts that are being aired to start building the hype of Kinect are frustratingly boring.

None of them looks the least bit entertaining and will do nothing to convince core gamers that the Kinect isn’t a complete and utter joke.

Not to mention they have possibly leaned a little to heavily on an old Wii Fit advert?

Kinectimals – Apparently this game makes you spend 100% of the time on the floor

Kinect Sports – To bored to come up with a witty statement

Joy Ride – Because it’s obvious we are going to be playing Kinect in Gym, at the office and in a public space surrounded by overly exciting looking people.

Last Updated: September 27, 2010

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