UPDATE: Kinect’s “Sensor Calibration Card” – Intriguing AND unnerving

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What the hell is THIS thing? I’ve looked around the internet to try and find some in-depth explanations but so far I’ve had no luck. It’s a calibration card that’s bundled with many of the Kinect titles that are launching alongside the new peripheral.

It’s smiley! Is it meant to be? It looks as if it’s lulling us into a false sense of security before it tries to feast on our entrails. It is important though, if the back of the card is to be believed.

Exactly what the calibration card calibrates is anyone’s guess at the moment. We’re not even sure when you would use it as sites like Game Informer have said that none of the Kinect games they’ve played have asked for the card. Some of those games even had the card packaged with them.

To hell with playing any games the moment I get a Kinect camera; I’m just going to hold this thing up to see what happens. Hopefully it doesn’t activate some dormant AI bent on eradicating human existence.

Source: Game Informer

UPDATE: The smiley faced little card is meant to help calibrate Kinect’s depth perception if you feel the peripheral isn’t registering your movements correctly. Choosing the calibration option super-imposes a pair of glasses onto your screen, which you then line up with the eyes on Mr. Smiley Face card. The glasses move around the screen and appear at different depths, and by you adjusting the card’s position, Kinect is able to better gauge the size of your living room. So he really IS there to help, and not bring about the impending AI apocalypse. What a bummer.

Source: CVG

Last Updated: November 2, 2010

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