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Kingdoms of Amalur 2? Nope.

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Last week, news that Unreal Engine developer and purveyor Epic Games had essentially saved Kingdoms of Amalur: The Reckoning developer Big Huge games sparked hope for a sequel to a game that did so many things right for the open-world RPG genre.

That hope, I’m afraid, needs to be relinquished.

Speaking to Joystiq, Epic co-founder Mark Rein responded the the question of a potential sequel with the rather straight forward ““We don’t buy IP, we make IP,” putting paid to chances of the sequel – that Big huge was already working on – being made.

That work will likely not be put to waste – and could end up being used for an all-new product, or carried over to one of Epic’s franchises. Rein said that the guys from Big huge – now called Epic Baltimore – "wanted to work with one of Epic’s IPs" and found "it was a very good, natural fit."

Recounting how it all happened, Rein fingered epic President Mike Caps as the hero of it all.

"Mike is the total hero there. They called him on Wednesday, interested in using one of our IPs. He flew them up the next day and they met with a whole bunch of people, and the board of directors of Epic. We made the call right there: ‘These guys are awesome, we need to work with them.’"

Last Updated: June 8, 2012

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