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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, is just a taste of what’s in store for the MMO version

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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, has had a fantastic debut so far, with fans embracing the fantasy title and having a general ball of a time as they traverse a wide land and engage in some thrilling combat.

Sure, it’s not a perfect game, but it is a fun game,and that’s what really counts in the markets today. It’s also got a massive history already, thanks to all the lore that renowned author R. A Salvatore has crafted for the title.

And all that preparation and back-story is merely a taste for what’s to come, as Big Huge Games plans to continue developing something even more ambitious, that will be built on the foundations that KOA has created.

Speaking to Joystiq, Big Huge Game General Manager Sean Dunn explained how the release of KOA was a perfect opportunity to get the public interested in and excited for the Copernicus MMO that the studio is working on.

“All of the fiction that we pull for Reckoning comes from the intellectual property’s kind of library of information, you know, the giant R.A. Salvatore bible of story”, Dunn said.

I can’t talk about any plans that have not been announced, but there are certain things that make perfect sense and certain things that don’t make sense,” he said. “And it has to be really high quality and it has to be really meaningful for the fans.

So, while Dunn is tight-lipped on when Copernicus will be officially unveiled and a release window revealed, it looks like we will see more of The Reckoning in other forms of media, such as books and merchandise.

That is, at least when the development team manages to once again get the in-game statistics of KOA working properly, which they claim has become too “vast to track”. But taking KOA into a realm of persistent online play and fantasy team-ups? Sounds like a logical next step to me.

Last Updated: March 7, 2012

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