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Kirby Bounces Back

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Nintendo fans rejoice! Kirby is coming to the Nintendo DS (not the 3DS) later this year. This week’s edition of the popular Japanese magazine Famitsu unveiled Atsumete! Kirby – roughly translated means “Gather! Kirby”. Hit the jump for Kirby, Kirby and more Kirby.

According to Famitsu the game will be a side-scrolling action adventure with bright colours and cutesy enemies. The difference this time is that instead of inhaling your enemies, you will be controlling up to ten Kirby’s at once.

It sounds awesome, but I am a bit sceptic on how you will control the over-load of Kirby’s -Think Scribblenauts.

Using the stylus, you move the Kirby’s by tapping the spot you want them to move to, a star appears and they walk towards that point. Double tapping makes them run and once they reach the star they latch onto it allowing you to use the more conventional control methods.

It sounds exciting, but I just can’t understand why it isn’t a 3DS title?

At the moment, Atsumete! Kirby is set for a Japan release later this year, but hopefully we will get more info in the months to come.

Source: G4TV

Last Updated: April 15, 2011

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