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Metal Gear Online

While I was stumbling around the Internet looking for some solid Metal Gear Online statistics I stumbled across this little notice about yet another upcoming expansion onto it’s popular title.

Well I say popular and I honestly don’t know if it is or not as I am yet to see a report on how many people are actually playing it… But then again that is not the point of this posting.

Konami has just announced that as of today they are adding an all new mission type for Metal Gear Online, namely Bomb Mission.

The idea is simple, one side needs to make the bomb go boom while the other side tries to stop them… Sounds perfect.

Click through for the whole story.

Konami announced today that an all-new mission for the hit online tactical shooter, Metal Gear Online, the online multi-player player experience that is included free in the retail version of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, will be available for download on January 27th. Free to all registered Metal Gear Online users, the Bomb Mission provides players with an all-new combat experience that expands the playability and adds variety to the online phenomenon. The new mission will automatically be implemented during the regular Metal Gearâ„¢ Online maintenance when players sign into their MGO accounts.

In the new mission, the offensive team’s objectives will be to detonate a bomb at a targeted location in the map and protect it until it explodes. The defending team must protect its stronghold and prevent the planted bombs from detonating by using a special coolant to nullify an activated bomb and stop the attacking team from approaching the base. To complete the mission and come out victorious the attacking team must detonate the bomb within the mission time limit if they fail the defending team wins.

Last Updated: January 27, 2009

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