KOTOR MMO to be officially announced very soon

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KOTOR, which is used for short to describe the Star Wars role playing game The Knights of the old Republic, was an incredible franchise with many fans and followers on the original Xbox as well the PC. Many fans have cried out in the past in the hope that another KOTOR title will soon be made, with a few feeling let down when we were given Mass Effect instead. While Mass Effect proved to be a phenomenal game, there is still that burning desire to jump back into a galaxy far, far, away.

While EA head honcho John Riccitiello already let slip in the past that Bioware and Lucasarts are working on a new MMO ( Massively Multiplayer Online) title, there has never actually been an official announcement.

All of that could change very soon.

News of an upcoming announcement has popped up in a UK paper, The Daily Star. CVG now reports that:

“A column that appeared last Saturday reports that the rag is soon off to San Francisco to ‘file an exclusive report on the game’, after stating that BioWare is working on ‘a MMO of Knights of the Old Republic’.”

I sincerely hope that this actually happens because a KOTOR MMO, with Bioware and Lucasarts behind the developement will have potential to blow us clear off of our couches.

Please, oh pretty please, be true.

source: CVG

Last Updated: October 3, 2008

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