Lara Croft. Best before: 21/05/09

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We all know who the ever sexy Lara Croft is. She has been almost every pubescent boys dream woman and has caused bulge inducing liberties even in older men. But apparently, little Miss Croft has now passed her expiry date. Well, it was inevitable though…she’s had a good run guys.

But now it’s time for Lara to relinquish here throne and allow the younger, more spankable model to step in. At least for the film version of Lara. Got ya! Well, according to, Terminator Salvation producer (for the film, not the game) Dan Lin stated that the next Tomb Raider film will feature a younger Lara Croft.

Lin spoke of:

 “rebooting” the franchise — revealed earlier this year — saying, “It’s a great origin story that we’re going to tell.”

 Lin added that the film would be:

“very character-oriented” and that it would be “more realistic” than previous films in the series.

While Lin did not reveal any information on who would be playing Lady Croft, he did note that it would be a younger Lara, so don’t count on Angelina Jolie making a third appearance.

Furthermore, Lin said that:

The films and games have become “too action-oriented,” while he would rather see “action, but with character.”

Sure, Lin might have a point there, as the action in the Tomb Raider games were pretty mediocre all round, however, a film all about platforming…sorry, you say I can have nacho cheese on my popcorn? Really? And the big Coke only costs R3.00 more? Wow. Yeah, that was me saying boring. Anyway, if you wanna hear a bit more about what the man has to say, check the video interview for yourself…right here!

Last Updated: May 21, 2009

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