Latest Advanced Warfare match at 3pm today

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[Update] Due to Eskom’s blinding incompetence the matches have been rescheduled until 7pm tonight.

The latest round in our Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare tournament is taking place today with one of the top matches of the round being streamed live on our twitch channel at 3pm sharp.. okay likely not sharp because getting everyone to be ready on time is amazingly difficult.

Craig will be shout casting the match and he normally has a guest caster with him which keeps things entertaining.

At the moment the live stream is either going to be Adapt vs Exile or Fear vs Sonik. Adapt and Fear are two of the best teams in the country but Sonik has been doing exceptionally well as well and have surprised a few of the people following the tournament.

None of the 4 teams involved are yet to drop a game so both of these are expected to be crackers.

You can watch the stream right here when it starts going or on the official Twitch page

Watch live video from LazygamerNet on

And check out the current standings below.

Last Updated: February 8, 2015

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