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Latest Apex update, Lost Treasure, continues the trend of bold nerfs and buffs

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Respawn has begun setting a precedent for themselves in terms of their approach to updates. Following the last significant update to the utterly excellent and personally played-every-night shooter Apex Legends, players have been waiting to see what kind of changes will be implemented to a roster that has some stand-out heroes, such as Wraith still topping out the winnings and some very clear disappointments, like Revenant having one of the most utterly useless ultimate abilities in the game. The Lost Treasure update is meant to right some of those imbalances and brings some new content to the scarred remains of King’s Canyon.

Firstly, before getting into the nitty-gritty, this update’s Town Takeover focuses on Crypto and his special Map Room. Within this area, located just down the way from Repulsor, players will be able to access Crypto’s supercomputer and learn the locations of every Legend on the map while also being able to check some of the camera feeds for more precise information on nearby players. There’s also a new Limited Time Mode called Armed and Dangerous which is really just Shotguns and Snipers but this time, the armour pool is only EVO Shields. And they’ve replaced traditional spawn points with the new Mobile Spawn Beacons! Fun!


Now, down to the more interesting stuff. The biggest changes to the Legends come in the form of a substantial nerf to Wraith and a MASSIVE buff to Revenant. Wraith’s Phase Walk ability, the thing that allows her to run out of combat like a “get out of jail free card” now requires a 1.25 second enable time to kick off, alongside a 20% movement speed reduction while activating it. This makes her more of a target and far more challenging for her to just break away from the action. But to counter that she can now stay in the Phase Walk for longer and she’s now able to see other players from within the void, making it better to use as a reconnaissance tool now. Revenant’s buff is the one that’s getting plenty of attention though, as it eliminates the boundary for his Death Totem ultimate, meaning that players can make better use of a combat space after gaining Death’s Protection. His Silence ability now also shuts down more of other legends’ kits.


Other massive changes include Lifeline’s new ability which allows her to send her drone, D.O.C, to revive a down teammate by itself and thus freeing the medic Legend to continue fighting, reviving a second teammate at the same time or just hiding from incoming fire. To balance this, Lifeline’s Fast Heal ability has been removed, meaning she’ll no longer be able to replenish health or shields faster than anyone else. On top of that, her care package will now also contain more loot. Also, I just want to give a shout out to my main Octane for some seriously cool buffs, including the removal movement impairing effects, such as stumble after landing from a great fall, while stimming and the addition of a double jump in the air after launching off a jump pad. Gotta go fast!

Those are the main, exciting changes I just wanted to highlight in this article. There are loads more tweaks and fixes so if you want to read all the patch notes, click on over here to find them or watch the full Devstream below. While we’re just about halfway through the current season of Apex Legends, I’m very excited to see how Respawn plans on evolving the game even further.

Last Updated: June 23, 2020

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