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Latest Building and Resource Games from Steam

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They are one of the oldest computer and console games genres, and now building and resource management titles are enjoying a new lease of life. If you are of a certain age, you will recall the original Sim City title, a game that allowed you to grow your own city from scratch, full (hopefully) of grateful and happy citizens.

Now, there are more opportunities than ever to create your own medieval towns, modern cities, zoos, hospitals, schools – just about every virtual taste is catered for. Steam gives you access to more games than before, and it’s evident there that the building and resource management genre is growing. We take a look at some of the latest and greatest games you can play right now.

Medieval multiplayer action on Kingdoms Reborn

Go back in time to the medieval ages and start building your kingdom. Starting off with small hamlets and working your way towards your own empire, you’ll be able to marvel at the simulated citizens growing as your own buildings and ambitions do.

You can also play in real-time with your friends in multiplayer mode. What really makes this game stand out, though, is the era progression as you get to upgrade and build your houses and settlements through four different historical ages. And try out the Great Freeze to see if your citizens can survive the cold and plague; it’s up to you to make sure civilization doesn’t fail.

Building your Foundation

Another game that lets you build your medieval empire, but Foundation from Polymorph Games (see here) has its own unique twist to the genre. It’s a grid-less game which means you won’t see all those square patterns on where to place your buildings. Instead, your first-person view over lush landscapes and deftly designed houses will put your graphics card to the test.

As well as growing your settlement how you want, there are quests, missions, and events to keep you further engaged. Advance through the game and raise your reputation to gain access to exclusive buildings and additional perks. You lay the foundation, and then it’s upwards from there.

Be the hospital master

As the name suggests on Project Hospital, your mission is to undertake one of the biggest projects yet. Build your own hospital, hire the right staff, and diagnose patients as an ace doctor.

It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.

You can design your own hospital interiors from the building side of things, creating the right number of rooms and wards for your patients. But then you must make sure you have the right people for the right jobs, from doctors and nurses to janitors. You can even make contracts with different insurance companies to get unique patient cases, or you could be performing surgery. As a top dog doctor, architect, and business person – this game will keep you busy in many ways.

Becoming a casino tycoon

Forget about becoming the master of rollercoasters; on SimCasino, you can be your very own Las Vegas brains behind the action. Set in glorious 3D, you can start building your casino empire from the outside in.

Build rooms and add table games and slots, then sit back and hope the punters come flooding in. This game replicates building a land-based casino rather than one of the many online sites like STS. But you can assume the casino games are the same – use them wisely to build your casino empire and make a mint.

Then it’s up to you whether you want to create epic hotels and let the croupiers do the work or dive deep down to every level and micro-manage the games. You won’t need to go to a casino ever again as you’d have created one (or many) yourself!

Build a zoo

Why not? On Let’s Build a Zoo, you can do exactly that. Create your enclosures, buy and breed animals and make sure you have zookeepers and vets on hand to keep them healthy. Add in the fun 8-bit graphics and immerse yourself in your newly created zoo.

Then to take things to the next level, try your hand at DNA-splicing and create a wonderful array of weird animals. A giraffephant and Pandowl are just some of the odd creations you can make.

With new games released regularly, along with updates, patches, and add-ons, you’ll never have a dull moment playing resource games on Steam.

Last Updated: November 11, 2021


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