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Steam launches developer collaborative bundles

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These days, with games costing the small fortune that they do, it makes sense that many people look out for bundles to provide a chunky gaming fix in without needing to trade in their ability to afford food for a month. Steam is releasing a new feature, called DIY Collaborative Bundles, that will allow developers to team up and create bundles on its gaming storefront.

Steam has offered multi-developer bundles for years, but only ones that it had specially curated for its platform. It now wants to allow different companies to team up and create a bundle by sending links to them to perhaps join in on a project, which can then allow developers to agree on a name, royalty split, discount amount, and other details – all of which will be handled by Steam itself. The intention is to allow developers to then market these bundles on the storefront, without needing to worry about complex legal agreements and payments afterward.

Valve sees this new feature as especially useful in giving small developers a chance to collaborate with each other on similarly themed games or even team up with bigger publishers for a special cause. Valve will also provide the option for splitting the royalties on soundtracks, something which can be a big financial burden for developers.

Bundles are not only sources of good value for games but a good opportunity for people to play games they otherwise might not have and also see them supporting causes and charities along the way, which is good for everyone. Let’s hope this new Steam feature can be bring about plenty of good in the industry too.

Last Updated: June 7, 2021

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