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Latest Project Natal demo receiving rave reviews

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The biggest concern I have over Project Natal is that it simply won’t work properly in a real environment. I am expecting a fair amount of lag and some severe camera confusion when we have more than one person in it’s line of site.

However according to the recent reports coming out of Spain it appears that Project Natal has improved quite a fair bit since last years E3 demo and is coming along quite nicely.

Not being that up to date with Spanish gaming and technology media I can’t put that much faith in Meristation, ScoreZero or BeeGamers opinions but the one that stand out is the ever present Engadget who had the following to say.

“The receiver sensitivity is amazing, being virtually instantaneous response time in single-player game, where you could identify perfectly the force with which to hit the ball, its direction and distance just waving his arms. That little lag almost imperceptible in the single game is somewhat increased when there are two players on screen, but even so, the reaction of the console is also impressive”

So it’s not yet perfect but it sounds like it works very well for single player and is acceptable with two people on the screen. They were playing Ricochet, that same demo from E3 last year, and if that works with 2 players then I would expect most slower games to have no problems what so ever.

Source: GamesThirst

Last Updated: April 12, 2010

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