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Latest Starfield rumours predict an E3 reveal, 2022 release date, and…Tom Cruise?

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Starfield rumours! Get yer Starfield rumours, hot out of the oven that my uncle from Nintendo bought for me! The latest batch of rumours for Bethesda’s long-in-development seem to be reaching probable speeds, as industry insider Jeff Grubb claimed according to his sources that the game will have a showing at this year’s digital E3 event, with its release date now being moved to 2022.

Makes sense, considering that Microsoft is an E3 partner and all. Grubb added that he wasn’t sure how big of a presence Starfield will have overall, but that he does expect gameplay. Backing up that rumour was the recent news of Microsoft buying up ad space for Starfield, but here’s my favourite moment that requires mechanised salt-pinching because I don’t believe it for a hot second: Tom Cruise may be involved in the game. But he’s probably not.

This one comes from the Gaming Leaks And Rumors subreddit (via GamesRadar) and three supposed Starfield “insiders” that claim that the master of the 90-degree angled arm run has been hired by Bethesda. Proof? I gots yer proof right here. This apparently all links back to a 2018 tweet where Bethesda reached out to the ruiner of Oprah’s couch. “Hey @TomCruise, we’re huge fans,” Bethesda wrote. “Loved your take on Oblivion and now Fallout. Want to get a head start on our next thing?”

Back then, it was likely a joke and riffing on Bethesda’s Fallout and Oblivion series and the latest Mission Impossible film. Said rumour was removed from the subreddit, so that pretty much kills it right on the spot for me. Still, we got Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk 2077 and look how well that turned out. Absolutely breath-taking, it was!

E3, hurry up already and spill the space-beans.

Last Updated: May 19, 2021

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  1. Mandalorian Jim

    May 19, 2021 at 04:53

    Space, Xenu, Starfield, L.Ron Hubbard, Tom Cruise… it’s almost like this is a scientologists wet dream.


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